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Recommended Reading/Listening 06-2013

RECOMMENDATIONS...click on the underlined blue title (link) to see a more detailed description of each item.  I will add to this list from time to time and change the date on the tab when I do....

GENERAL Cancer topics -

CANCER: 50 ESSENTIAL THINGS TO DO - Greg Anderson  Gives you simple guidelines (on a wide range of topics) for feeling like you are in control of your life - and for healing.

THE CANCER CONQUEROR - Greg Anderson SIMPLE, modern-day parable that shows how a positive attitude and hopeful spirit affects cancer and contributes to survival.

CANCER AS A TURNING POINT; A HANDBOOK FOR PEOPLE WITH CANCER, THEIR FAMILIES AND HEALTH  PROFESSIONALS -  LAWRENCE LeSHAN - written by a psychotherapist who has worked with cancer patients for many years.  This book convinced me of the importance of JOY for healing.  The beginning of it is rather clinical, geared more toward the health professional, but the last part, where you answer the questions about yourself, is priceless self-understanding and motivation to do what you love and bring more joy into your life. 

YOU CAN FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE: EMOTIONAL FACTORS IN THE TREATMENT OF CANCER - LAWRENCE LeSHAN I read an older, out-of-print version of this book many years ago and it was quite revealing to me.  LeShan talks about emotional issues that seem to be prevalent among cancer patients.  I denied that any of it applied to me until I received some help from a therapist and an energy healer.  Challenge yourself to GO DEEP within. 

HEALING CANCER: LATEST RESEARCH IN MIND-BODY MEDICINE - great website with numerous resources, looking deeper than the physical for answers to cancer...several of the books I'm recommending are available as e-books on this site.  Good reference.

BREAST Cancer Topics 

BREAST CANCER: 50 ESSENTIAL THINGS TO DO-Greg Anderson It's the same 50 things as book above, but a few extra chapters specific to breast cancer

DR. SUSAN LOVE'S BREAST BOOK - DR. SUSAN LOVE  - tells you everything you might want to know about breast cancer  - from a doctor's perspective.  It answers every question you might imagine about breast cancer & more. Like the bible of breast cancer.


YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE - LOUISE L. HAY - changed my life when I learned to take response-ability for my life and my healing.

LOVE YOURSELF, HEAL YOUR LIFE WORKBOOK - LOUISE L. HAY -  used along with YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE, this journaling-type book is extremely helpful for noticing what your limiting beliefs are and working with affirmations for healing your life.

LOUISE HAY'S WEBSITE Louise L. Hay - pioneer in writing about healing - any books by her are wonderful & available at Amazon and her website and, no doubt, lots of other places.

Any books, meditations, etc. by Launa Huffines, beginning with HEALING YOURSELF WITH LIGHT: HOW TO CONNECT WITH THE ANGELIC HEALERS - LAUNA HUFFINES  Great books and meditations.  


Any books, CDS, etc. by Julia Cameron, beginning with THE ARTIST'S WAY; A SPIRITUAL PATH TO CREATIVITY.  This is a great book to learn how to journal with.  She encourages daily "stream of consciousness writing" and  inspires you to know that you are a beautiful, spiritual, creative being.

STIRRING THE WATERS: WRITING TO FIND YOUR SPIRIT - JANELL MOON. It's been a few years, but I remember that I really loved doing the journaling exercises in this book.

Any books, etc. by Lucia Capacchione. Great resource for learning various journaling techniques and even trains people to facilitate journaling groups.

JOURNALING FOR JOY - JOYCE CHAPMAN.  This link is to her website.  She also focuses on journaling to help fulfill your dreams.  Cool lady.

SPIRITUAL Topics - recognizing WHO WE REALLY ARE...Spiritual beings having a human experience.

DYING TO BE ME - ANITA MOORJANI - wonderful personal story about a cancer patient who had a near death experience (best description I have ever seen) and Anita's subsequent understanding of the reasons why she got cancer - and her return to perfect health.

MAGNIFICENT YOU - BARBRA WHITE  - written by a healer in Michigan, a beautiful book, which helps us to understand better WHO WE REALLY ARE - we are magnificent, as Anita Moorjani also says.

Any books or Meditations by Sanaya Roman, who channels Orin, beginning with LIVING WITH JOY.  The meditations are the BEST I have heard - Sanaya Roman's voice and the material are incredible/life-changing.

Any books by Neale Donald Walsch beginning with CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD (AN UNCOMMON DIALOG), BOOK 1.  I read this book just before I was first diagnosed with cancer in 1997 and it marked my return to recognizing my spirituality after about 20 years of no recognition of it whatsoever. It speaks of God as an unconditionally loving being - oh, that's what I THOUGHT God was like, but was not taught that in any religious setting.

Any books, CDs or DVDs by WAYNE DYER - START ANYWHERE! Also available at Hay House

Any books by Don Miguel Ruiz, especially THE FOUR AGREEMENTS

Any books by Gary Zukav, beginning with THE SEAT OF THE SOUL

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