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Hi, this is me...
I am in the process of learning how to actually DO a blog while writing what I had once thought would be a book about my learning and growth experiences from my journey with breast cancer.  I would never wish this disease on anyone because it can be quite challenging, even devastating.  However, it has helped me learn a lot about myself and how I deal with life and it has inspired me to change and evolve to be the person that I am today.  I'm sure that I will continue to grow as I learn more and more.  Since I've been 'an impatient cancer patient' for 15 years, I have become more comfortable discussing the topic and am open to any questions you may have about my experiences or opinions.  

My goal is to share what I have struggled with and learned from my too-numerous-to-count experiences with my own cancer and others I have known with the disease.  Much of what I have to say can be applied to anyone dealing with a difficult life challenge because many of our human experiences are very similar at their core.  I will also draw some parallels between my experience and Anita Moorjani's experience [author of DYING TO BE ME] because, although our experiences are very different, we have both dealt with life-threatening cancer and have drawn many of the same conclusions about why we got cancer in the first place and some important life lessons.  

Please feel free to comment, ask questions, share your own experiences, or just read along.  Share this blog with others you think might benefit from it.  I have lots more to write and will continue to do so as often as I can. 

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It is my hope that others can learn something that may be useful in their own life journeys.  Unless I specifically quote someone else, all that I write here is MY OPINION based on MY EXPERIENCE and the experiences of some very special people I have been blessed to know along the way. I am not a medical professional or a cancer expert--but I know what my experiences have been like and I understand the power of CHOICE we all have to live our lives to the fullest no matter what 'trials' we live through. 

As you read along, take to heart only what feels right to you and leave the rest.  Here we go....wish me luck.  Peace and joy,


  1. I love that you have written this! it is beautiful and so are you! You are one couragous woman and I cant wait to read about your story! Lots of love, Jenn


    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Jenn.

  2. I'm so happy to hear from you Mrs. Maggs. I think of you often. Keep on Keepin' on.

    BIG HUG.
    Jim Nichols
  3. I really appreciate the support of loved ones. thank you!


  1. Great writing. I would love to know how you managed to get the different tabs for different subjects (topish of page). Maybe my blog is just too old to be able to do this, and I have never wanted to muck it around too much incase I lose it!

    It is a full moon tonight, so I have already lost it...

  2. That's why I've had a bit of insomnia the last couple of nights. It seems like we just had a full moon recently - time is speeding up. The tabs across the top are Pages and the ones down the side are Posts. In fact, I copied this one from a post cuz I thought it should be at the top. Nice to hear from you. I need to get ready for yoga class. More later. Namaste'